What is the Bento Data Model?
  • 13 May 2024
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What is the Bento Data Model?

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What is the Bento Data Model

In this section, we will break down our product to give you an insight into how we have modelled our subscription service.

Below is a high-level diagram of our model.

This next section goes into more detail about the features within each domain.

Subscription types:

This is where you store all the settings you are planning to offer for a specific subscription type. Essentially, subscription types serve as templates for what subscription your customers will buy. When a customer purchases a new subscription on your website, this will generate a new subscription contract based on the subscription type.

Below we'll talk you through each component of a Subscription Type and give an example of what it can be used for:

Subscription Component


Delivery Cadence: Days, Weeks, Months, Years

The selection of options for how often orders will be sent to customers.

Anchor Date

This fixes the sub so that a plan runs on a set date for each time period.

Billing cadence

Here you can choose how often a customer can choose to be billed.

Pricing Calculator

There are multiple engines to choose from depending on your pricing structure.

Line Items

The products you want to add to the subscription type.

Subscription Phases

Allows you to control the price, products, and delivery cadence across multiple phases in the lifecycle of a subscription. One common exampl

Subscription Contract:

Once a customer has taken out a subscription a Contract will be generated from the parent Subscription Type. A Contract has every feature listed above that has been enabled alongside the features below:

Contract Component


Status: Active, Inactive, Suspended, Cancelled, Ended

Depending on the criteria, a customer's account can manually or automatically change status.

Override next box number

If you have a playlist subscription, you can use this feature to change the playlist position a customer is currently on.

End sub at next payment

You can choose to prevent billing at the next attempted payment. This is useful when a customer has a gift subscription as this stops them from being charged at the end.

Update address/billing

You can view & update the delivery address and billing method on the sub-contract.

Discount code

Apply promos for this subscription contract.


Once your Subscription Type has been set up and your customer has purchased an individual Subscription Contract, pending orders will be generated for that contract. Orders are generated from a subscription contract's products, prices, and delivery cadences, which all come together to create each single order.



Order Date

You can update a specific order's delivery date or re-anchor the whole subscription from the order page for convenience.


You can add/remove products, change quantities, and control if products will be added to the order's price.

Order Generation

You can choose how many orders in advance are generated on our app. This allows you to see & edit upcoming orders.

Order Status

Pending -> Committed/ Cancelled

Billing Status

Pending -> Successful/ Failed / Delegated(Shopify only)

Order Actions


Skip Order

If a customer wants to skip an order this can also be done with a click of a button.

Bill Now/Rebill/Refund

All these actions can be done with a click of a button. Rebill after a failed order.


Promotions enable you to offer discounted prices to a customer with set conditions. Below are the key components of Bento promotions.

Promos Component


Promo Value

This can be a percentage (%) or value (£/$) based discount.

Promo Rule

Rules are where the flexibility lives! This is where you can choose what conditions need to be true for your promotion to be applied.

Promo Code

This is the code that a customer will add to their account for the promotion to be applied.

Box Rules:

Box rules enable you to add items to orders based on conditions set within the box rule.

Box Rules Component



Select any product synced with Bento and set the quantity.


Select which Sub Type and Order(s) you want this product applied to.

COMING SOON - Product Information Management (PIM):

Our PIM allows you to store, view and manage key product information.

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